Thursday, June 16, 2011

Phew, no gold in sight.

It was a good day. The furniture is better than what I had and way better than none :) Thankfully I didn't get the gold furniture.  The majority of the upholstered stuff is brown. I'm ok with brown. The only thing I will complain about is the amount of furniture we received. We have way more than our house can hold but are required to receive all of it so the overflow is taking up the entire guest room.

Way better than the pink southwestern couches

Yeah, this is the new one!

Looks better in person.

This is new too, looks mysteriously like the old stuff but it has tags on it so it must be new!
Sadly, not much of an improvement.

My redecorated guest room

Guess I'm done.


  1. Very nice! Not the usual Drexel patterns - slightly more modern pieces, which are nice. I like the browns. Have fun redecorating!

  2. Good for you! Those look really nice actually.

  3. I have the same sofa, much nicer than the old brocade stuff! Love the table, how do I get one of those???

  4. Wow, much better! Happy day!

  5. Your furniture looks GREAT. Much nicer than anything I had at any of our posts! Hope you're having a nice vacay!