"Best Of" Lits for Foreign Service Families

Helpful items for Foreign Service Families
- Unlocked Blackberry to use with local service contract

- Vonage phone or majic jack

- Cheap pay-as-you-go cell phone to use when we're back in the States

- Laptop with built-in wireless connection

- Multi-system TV and multi-region DVD player.

- Playstation3 (for wireless Playstation Network and Blu-Ray movies in

addition to games)

- Memory foam mattress toppers (queen sized for master bedroom, twin for


- Tom Tom. They seem to work better overseas than Garmin. Some Garmins have sent friends onto questionable roads.

VPN, to watch netflix and other streamed content outside of the USA. (my ex-pat network.com is what we use)

Amazon.com prime account for those things you cannot get abroad but can't live without. Peanut butter & marshmallows.

Skype on your ipod or iphone. When I go back to the USA, I use this function on my ipod to call back to NZ for 4 cents per minute. I can stop at Starbucks or Mc Donalds or anywhere else that has a hot zone and call home without international roaming fees. Plus, we love to watch Netflix on our iTouch when we are in the USA. Something you can't do overseas :(

Get a Bank Of America check card account. No ATM fees at most international posts.  Easy online wire transfer options.