Friday, March 11, 2011

The World does not stop when you do.

  I am feeling much better that I was even just a few days ago. Though the mini earthquakes have not stopped in NZ, we have learned not to freak out at the slightest rumble. What else can you do? I do still feel a little stupid for living on a fault line but hey, I'm still in New Zealand and it is gorgeous.

 There are no big reptiles or dangerous snakes, bugs or large cats so I can let the kids walk down to the park alone and all I have to worry about are the 2 places where they have to cross our suburb's streets. I can live with that. We won't be swimming in the bay just yet (Orcas) but we can go sit by the bay and enjoy it's loveliness.
  I do still mourn for Christchurch and probably will for a long time but my life was spared and it is busy. Today I have a house to clean, dinner party to prepare for, food to buy and a 6th grade open house thrown in the middle of it. No time to sit and weep. For that, I am thankful.

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