Saturday, July 10, 2010

We move out when?

Ok, so I knew we would have to repack before heading out to New Zealand but I really thought it would be easy. I mean, they have people for this right? Some guys come, pack up your stuff, put it on a ship and send it to our new house. That apparently is the easy part. Getting someone in the transportation department to answer the phone is another story. I started on Tuesday. It is now Friday afternoon. Uh, I have 3 weeks to get my stuff organized, moved, sorted and shipped but first I need an appointment. I guess my advice is to all new comers; make your appointment for your pack out as soon as you arrive J. And, don't forget to give your temporary living manager a 30 day notice when you move out otherwise you could get kicked out early or have to pay for your additional days.


  1. Go directly to the Transportation office at FSI (or Main State). Then you can sit with them and work everything out, while listening to the phone ring (from other people whose calls they aren't taking b/c they are helping you)!

    Good luck.

  2. Actually got a call back on Saturday from our transportation officer who led me through the entire process. I received a call from the people who will actually be loading our belongings as well. Amazing. Did tehy read my blog or is this just a coincidence?