Monday, July 26, 2010

Viewing Storage In Hagerstown

While I tried to be diligent about watching the packers like a hawk, things happened and a few things got by me and loaded without my inspection. I'm usually a micro manager so this was a bit upsetting for me. Having moved 30 times already, I know that things can and usually do get lost, misplaced, mislabeled, broken, etc. So, when I received my inventory list from the movers and they labeled all 25 of my paintings and wall decor as "mirrors" I was nervous. I wanted my favorite water colors but could do without the 7 "ducks Unlimited" prints my husband had hanging in his "man room" while in New Zealand.
I am also a great admirer of small antique tables you can put knick knacks on. I LOVE small wooden tables and have about 7 of them. I also have a HUGE wooden farmhouse table that weighs @ 500 lbs and a dining table that weighs @ 800 lbs so I was a bit shocked when the mover labeled them ALL as "wooden table". So, which one do I mark as Export ? I also know that my guitar crazy son has a 12 string classical somewhere in storage but it is not listed anywhere on my inventory list. But, panic really set in when Craig called from the Hagerstown storage facility to tell me that a few unmarked boxes mysteriously appeared from the movers after the original shipment. I have no idea what's in them. I can only assume that they are the things that the movers packed up and loaded while I was picking kids up from school and left them packers unsupervised. Darn it.
So, I gassed up the little Audi and drove the 1.5 hours to Hagerstown at 6:30am. You have to be there before 10am to get in to see your stuff. I arrived at 8. Sheepishly, I announced myself and my reasons for being there.
I cannot compliment the workers there enough. The went out of their way to help me decipher the movers' notes on my inventory list. I was able to open a few crates to look at the questionable items and sneaked peeks at other things at the same time. While I wasn't able to open boxes, I was able to differentiate between the wooden tables, paintings and unmarked items. In just over an hour, I found my son's guitar and was able to stop shipment of my farmhouse table and duck posters to NZ. They had his guitar labeled as "pillows" and my farmhouse table as a coffee table. Yikes.

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  1. They wouldn't let you open boxes? We opened a bunch of boxes in the storage facility in VA. We're still missing things though. :)