Monday, February 14, 2011

Things that make you go hmmm

Wow, I cannot believe it's been over a month since I've written a blog entry.  I could say that I've been busy but the real reason is because I read my husband's blog every day ( ) and I feel a bit unworthy in my writing skills. Of course I would be letting down my 2 friends who read my blog so I decided to throw caution to the wind (and grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, etc) and continue on.
Anyway, we've been settling into a rhythm here and have passed the dreaded 6 month hump when homesickness usually sets in. For me, the start of soccer season cures most of my ailments. There is something magical about seeing your kid excel at something he loves.  Soccer season brings a sense of normalcy to our lives ever since Morgan joined his first team 10 years ago. Morgan however, has decided to forgo soccer this year for Rugby so it is up to Ewan to keep this tradition going. I think he would actually prefer to play Cricket but is doing this for me. I don't have the willpower to let him off the hook. I would really miss it. 
Along with soccer and Rugby, we now have break dancing.  That's right, we moved to NZ and Morgan joined a crew and practices one or two times a week and has even performed at a local community fair. Who'd a thunk?  To top it off, he's not bad.
I had accidentally gone to a psychiatrist last week (really) who told me that after a few months in a new place this sort of transformation takes place. you start to feel at home and enjoy the differences and culture.  I am beginning to agree with her. Let me explain.  Every couple of months or so a State Department doctor visits our Embassy to check on the employees and family members.  We are encouraged to make appointment to deal with any medical issues we may have and it is free!  Well, my dear sweet husband made an appointment for me since I had a nasty spider bite that would not go away. We were afraid that it may have been one of the dreaded "White Tailed" spiders and that i would need further medical treatment.  Neither of us knew that the doctors that made the rounds at the Embassies were shrinks. Oh well, I love a bargain and hate to waste anything, including a doctors appointment, so I started telling her about how I was adjusting and what my expectations were.  Funny how quickly an hour passes when you have someone to listen to your boring issues.  Not as funny was my husband's reaction to me spending an unexpected hour with a psychiatrist.  All in all, we are all adjusting well and though we miss our favorite treats from home, we have discovered some new ones.
Yeah, that's orange flavored ice cream with chocolate chips. Surprisingly good.


  1. Amy, that is soo funny!! I thought it was the RMO too...until I met her the night before and she introduced a psychiatrist!!! I was going to ask if you were OK, after you told me you had an appointment with her!!! I asked Josh if he had any issues...I offered to make an appointment for him too!

  2. So sorry to hear about the Christchurch earthquake. Thinking of you all.