Tuesday, January 18, 2011

What the heck is that?

I woke up early this morning to check emails and out of the corner of my eye I thought I saw a mouse. I wish.  It was not a mouse but a huge creepy Weta bug.  I  F-R-E-A-K-E-D out.  My giant man child Morgan (6'1") wouldn't go near it.  I had to catch it and release it since our resident vegetarian, Ewan, pointed out that it is protected and we cannot kill it.  We probably could have grilled it and had it
 for lunch with leftovers.
The Weta bug is revered in NZ and they are , in fact, protected. They do bite, though I didn't know that when I was catching it.  Other than leaving a stinging bite, they are harmless. You won't die or need to go to the ER if you get bitten by one.  Good to know.
You see, our delightful house in NZ does not have air conditioning and since it was hot last night (84 F), I had left our windows open.  Of course the Kiwis don't put screens in their windows (that would be wimpy) so our new house guest just waltzed right in unmolested.
If anyone can find regulations on State Department housing and air conditioning / screened windows, please forward it to me. I will be eternally grateful.  I can learn to love pink walls and tile floors but there is no way I am going to let my kids melt at night or snuggle up to Wetas, no matter how "privileged" we are to live in New Zealand.


  1. Holly Molly, that thing is big and scary looking! I would have freaked out myself...

    With bugs like that hanging around, why wouldn't the Kiwis want screens. What do they do with them?

    I sure hope we have screens in India...

  2. And he even posed for a picture!!! ICK!!!

  3. This is what happens to bugs when you don't have lizards or snakes. Imagine how big they're going to be in a thousand years. Forget screens, they'll be knocking on the door.

  4. Interesting comment you left. Who is to judge what makes for an extraordinary life?

  5. Ummm...Yeah My cockroaches just started looking a whole lot cuter. That thing will give me nightmares. I think I am over the whole move to NZ thing, maybe.

  6. So.... I guess I'll take NZ off the bid list, then.