Sunday, October 31, 2010

Redemption through children

A couple of weeks ago I went on a hike with the embassy crowd to see Glow Worms and was aghast by a fellow American (read blog entry below). I met him again this weekend and then again today at an embassy Halloween party (gate crashing again). I also had the privilege of meeting his lovely children. To say that his 17 year old daughter was delightful would be an understatement. She arrived with a local friend (sans parents) and immediately began helping with the younger kids. She was friendly, articulate and helpful. I liked her. Ok, so perhaps I was a bit harsh on her dad. As it turned out, when he and his French wife arrived later, he too was nice and revealed a wicked sense of humor.  So, though it's tough to recover from a first impression, he had the road to redemption paved by a cute brunette who couldn't be nicer. Viva la France or whatever they say over there-hey, I'm only working on Spanish right now.

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