Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween at the Marine House

Give it up for the Marines again. We attended our first Halloween party in NZ at the US Marine house. Granted, most of it was organized by our resident cruise director Gina Wyatt, but they supplied the house, music and drinks. We had a blast. I was worried that the kids would be robbed of one of our favorite US traditions but the Embassy Crowd pulled through with flying colors. Even our Ambassador and Spouse showed up to party and they don't have kids! Everyone seemed to have really, really good time. At least I did. Ewan begged for a Dark Knight costume which I started 24 hours ago and Mo was content with being Bob Marley.  Whew, I don't think I had two "from scratch" costumes in me. They looked great, had fun and are out trolling the neighborhood for free candy.
Halloween is new for NZ and I didn't think the boys would have much fun but as I write this, they are out in the neighborhood with some Kiwi friends trick or treating. Though the doorbell only rings every 5 minutes or so, I've had a steady stream of kids. Thank you for NZ for allowing my American kids to hold on to one of their favorite US traditions a bit longer.

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