Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The cost of living

Ok, so Mom does read my blog. Yay.
Just got back from the "New World" grocery store where I shelled out $200.00 for literally 4 bags of groceries. C'mon Wellington! Here are a few things I bought:
5 Bagels $4.69
Small gingerbread house kit $10.29
Strawberry Jelly $4.00 (very small jar)
6 eggs $2.29
Small bottle of Heinz Ketchup $4.61
Palmolive Shampoo $6.14
Tortilla wraps (6) 6.62
Small soy milk $3.53
half a cabbage $2.25
can of corn $2.19

etc. etc.

Don't even get me started on the price of chicken. Those cute little rotisserie chickens that you buy everywhere for $6.00 are half the size here and $10.50. 
Yes, it it gorgeous and safe here but eating is a luxury apparently.
We don't go out to eat anymore......period.

Did I mention that gas here is $6.77 a gallon ?