Wednesday, May 12, 2010

2nd day of worlds best movers

I was wondering if our movers would be able to maintain my label as "best movers ever" on day two and the storage unit. Day one was easy, we essentially had clothes, a few knick knacks and stuff we needed to survive in NC for the last 6 months. Keep in mind that 90% of the furniture we have here is not ours.
The storage unit was another story. We crammed a 3500 square foot house 5 br, 3.5 baths, into a 10 x 26 storage unitl. And every square inch was packed full. Now, we moved ourselves last time so our packing skills were a bit lacking and lots of things got knicked, scratched and broken but we were prepared for that. I think the movers were expecting to just unload the storage unit and put it on the truck. Not so. We had to unload, unpack, sort and repack everything. I could tell that the jovial mood of the first day was not going to make a repeat appearance.
They did, however, remain pleasant, professional and patient with me as I insisted on going through stuff and holding them up at times. This is a big no no in the moving world but I think they felt sorry for me and let me slide.
I had to leave at one point to pick my older son up at school (45 minutes away) and some stuff got packed that I knew I didn't want but what can you do? I am a single parent for the next 6 weeks and no back up this week. I wish I knew more people in Tryon.
Anyway, big shout out to Joe & Kristin for looking after Ewan for 6 hours and feeding him too. You rock.


  1. hi there, I've been following your postings on livelines, I think- hope you have it worked out. That seems insane that they wouldn't let you travel to DC to leave for NZ w your husband. Sorry the 2nd day of moving was less than perfect. I look forward to hearing more!

  2. Yeah, I was a bit of a drama queen last week but I think I have recovered.