Sunday, April 11, 2010

Falls Church

We were pleasantly surprised by our accommodations in DC. The apartment was very nice. The rooms are spacious and the whole layout..very convenient. It is not as convenient to grocery shop, having to lug bags to and from the car, up stairs, etc. But, luckily we have a ground floor apt. and if I can find a parking space close to our patio, I can throw the bags over the fence :)
The boys instantly made friends in their new temporary home...all of the other kids are int eh same boat so are adept at making friendships quickly. We barely saw Ewan, he was at the makeshift soccer field most of the time. Morgan played his new 12 string guitar and I enjoyed a few carefree days of no housekeeping.
We spent a long time going over the bid list, making sure our top picks offered a good education for the boys. A lot of info to go through but I think we've chosen our top 11 from every corner of the globe. Some I even had to look up since I had never heard of them before and had no idea where they were.
Other than the severe beating of a man by a gang in downtown DC that we witnessed Saturday night (more on that later) we had a nice time. In less than 2 weeks we will know where we are headed.


  1. Welcome to the FS, and good luck turning in your list!

  2. Amy, Thanks forr the tip about your cabin, I'm sure we'll take advantage!